scorpio Scorpio

Your June Monthly Forecast: Have I told you about the 'two wolves'? They often enter my thoughts when a sign's two ruling planets are in opposition. In Native American cultures, it's said that we all have two wolves battling within us. One represents hope and the other fear. It's said that the wolf who eventually wins is the one you have chosen to feed. But your two heavenly commanders symbolise strength, resilience and the ability to overcome adversity. These are the qualities available to you this month. But only if you choose to nourish them.

taurus Taurus

Your June Monthly Forecast: 'Where are you going to little brown mouse? Come and have tea in my log pile house!' says Snake to the rodent hero in Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo. In this tale, the mouse invents a clever excuse and continues safely on his way. But, perhaps in your own story, you've found yourself waylaid by a less than ideal situation. Don't fear that your plans are scuppered. Your ruler's returning to your sign this month. The perfect reason to leave your difficulties behind, get on your way and reach your preferred destination, is forming as we squeak, er speak!

capricorn Capricorn

Your June Monthly Forecast: Regrets are often a product of insufficient amounts of time. Usually, with enough of this resource, we make the right decisions... we're able to ruminate, pontificate and deliberate to our heart's content. Any decisions we make are based on the careful consideration of all available evidence, so even if they lead to difficulty, we're assured they represent our best endeavours. When we're rushed we rely on instinct, and then we may come to wish we'd done things differently. This month, don't allow haste to become your master.

gemini Gemini

Your June Monthly Forecast: When cartoonists depict someone having a brilliant idea, they draw them with a light-bulb above their head. It's a bit of a cliche but it gets the point across. Sometimes, life's like this. In a sudden moment of understanding, restless confusion gives way to joyous clarity. Now, as your ruler Mercury passes through your sign, what do you think I want to predict is in store for you this month? How big and bright is the realisation that you're about to arrive at? So big that when it dawns on you you may feel like you need to wear sunglasses.

cancer Cancer

Your June Monthly Forecast: June brings the Solstice, the moment the Sun enters your sign. I've spoken before about how the Solstice is like the Sun's birthday and that, like the Queen, it has two. Its return to Cancer means there's a third birthday to celebrate soon - yours! Your Solar return also heralds the annual New Moon in its own sign. All this adds up to a month of positive new beginnings and exciting renewal. It's time to put into practice the ideals you're emotionally tied to, yet have been powerless to impose. Live life wholeheartedly, and start as you mean to go on.

aries Aries

Your June Monthly Forecast: How can any of us tell whether we're really being wise or foolish? We may imagine that we'd be foolish if we didn't strive to be wise. But can any of us ever really say what represents true wisdom? And if we can't be sure of the answer to that, how can it possibly be wise to seek wisdom? What if we allow ourselves to do something silly and it turns out to have been eminently sensible? Yet, as Mercury conjuncts your ruler in T-square with Jupiter, one thing's for sure this month: you'd be most unwise to think of yourself as foolish!

sagittarius Sagittarius

Your June Monthly Forecast: Various traditions tell us different stories about how the world was made. But, no matter how deep you dig, you'll never find the answer to the most important mystery of creation. On the day of the 'big bang' - or the summoning of the light - or the awakening of the spirits, what was the Supreme Being wearing? We don't know! And if we don't know that, how can we be sure of anything else? It may feel as if the month of June is asking you a similarly unanswerable question. Don't waste any precious time trying to answer it. Let it be.


With the Solstice, and increased Lunar powers, June is an exciting month for astrologers. But it's the end of this particular June that has caught this astrologer's eye. The Mercury-Mars conjunction links to Jupiter and Neptune and opposes Pluto. It speaks of powerful ideas leading to dramatic action... of our minds being free to help us embark on an inspiring journey. This would be compelling at any time but, in a Solstice month, possibilities begin to look more like certainties.

pisces Pisces

Your June Monthly Forecast: June is a very exciting time for Pisceans. Not only does the Mercury-Mars conjunction form a T-square focused on your traditional ruler Jupiter, but first it forms a harmonious trine with your modern ruler Neptune. That's the astrological equivalent of jumping on a bed - not only can it energise you and provide more than a little excitement, but should you stumble in your haste, there's a soft landing to catch any fall. This month, follow your ideas along whichever road they choose to take you along. Your heart will tell you when you've found your way.

leo Leo

Your June Monthly Forecast: Are you brave or foolish? Are you heroic or crazy? Actually, you're all these things rolled into one. All great success stories involve an element of blind luck! Those who steer clear of risk can never know the true taste of triumph. I'm really not trying to suggest that you ought to take wild gambles this month. You've already taken enough of these in recent weeks. But you can (and should) be less worried about how things will turn out. The Solstice is coming. June heralds the time to benefit from the positive steps you've been taking.

virgo Virgo

Your June Monthly Forecast: As I write your forecast, I'm listening to the sultry sounds of Marty O'Reilly. But he's not singing from the stereo, he's standing a few feet away from me, both guitar and audience in the palm of his hand. This may seem like a strange place to be writing your horoscope, but sometimes, I want to feel inspired, it helps to be in an inspiring setting. When we experience the possibilities of limitless imagination, we can abandon the doubts that curtail us. This month, to be your best, surround yourself with the best that others can offer.

libra Libra

Your June Monthly Forecast: What do we need to find our way through a moral maze? A moral compass. When do compasses give false readings? When they're close to a powerful source of magnetism. Then the pointer swings emphatically towards a false signal. But it doesn't tell us what it's doing. We march forward, confident that we're heading north, whilst all the time a precious principle is heading south! This month, there's a Full Moon conjunct Saturn, just as Jupiter turns direct in your sign. You'll be fine, as long as you keep checking your direction.


He's making a list, He's checking it twice, He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Solstice Claus is coming to town. OK, maybe I'm getting into the holiday spirit of the wrong Solstice. But given that this Solstice occurs at the same time as a Sun-Mercury conjunction, we may all find ourselves better at list-making and getting things organised than we've been in a while. Not only that but, with the rest of this week's encouraging aspects, we're unlikely to be disappointed by what appears under our tree.

cancer Cancer

Your Week Ahead: A few weeks ago, you were twiddling your thumbs. Now, with Mars in your sign, you're able to use them to grip tightly to the handlebar of life's motorcycle, and hare down straights, and race round bends. You could break records for speed and efficiency as you make things happen, and deal with things that other people have made happen - which need to be put right! You've a lot on your plate but you can absorb and digest every last bit of it. As long as you take one step at a time. With the Solstice arriving, those are giant steps.Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When we have to fill our time while waiting for something to take place, we often have to find a pastime to calm our nerves. If we are too good at taking our mind away from a hope, we might discover we're happy with whatever it was we decided to do instead. Whether you respond to this week's key development with the words, 'better late than never' or 'it's too late now' you need to know that, as the Sun and Mercury converge, just ahead of the New Moon in your sign, finally, things are really moving on!

capricorn Capricorn

Your Week Ahead: If there's something you can't have, maybe you don't need it. The Solstice marks the return of the Sun to your opposite sign and is a strong suggestion that you're being well taken care of by a kindly cosmos. Not only are the planets well disposed towards you, but people (who tend to act as agents of the cosmos) are inspired to assist with your most important endeavours. Don't underestimate your ability to charm the birds from the trees, knock the socks off a stranger... or perfect a solution out of a seemingly daunting difficulty.Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Kahlil Gibran was Jonathan's favourite philosopher and poet. He loved Gibran's observation that faraway friends can somehow be much nearer than friends at hand. Similarly, a mountain might be clearer to someone in a valley than a person attempting to climb it. He was effectively saying absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that standing back can be the best way to discover what's truly good. The Solstice brings you precious perspective, just in time to make a difference.