Our My Account section allows you to suspend your delivery and update your details. So rather than calling Customer Support and waiting on the phone, simply go on-line and enjoy our self-service tools.

Holiday suspensions for Home Delivery

If you're going to be away from home for a while you can put your delivery on hold.

Just request a delivery suspension online through the 'My Subscriptions' section in ‘My Account’ and click the 'Manage' button. We’ll extend your subscription for the amount of time you put it on hold and you won’t be charged during the period of the suspension. You might also be able to access digital content while your home delivery is on hold. Bonus!

Let us know at least 5 business days before you need your deliveries to be put on hold. If you’re in WA, we'll need 10 days notice.

If you'd like a hand with this, give Customer Support a call on 1300 MY NEWS (1300 69 63 97).

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Gift Subscription


Purchaser FAQs 


Q) Can I buy a gift even though I am not an existing Herald Sun member?
A) Yes. Anyone is able to purchase a gift for their loved ones.

Q) How do I get my gift to my family member / friend?
A) Once you, the purchaser, have completed the payment process you will receive an e-mail detailing a web address and a unique redemption code. You simply have to get these details over to the person you wish to give this gift to. You can forward on the e-mail, copy and paste these details into a new e-mail or even jot them down into a Christmas card. The recipient of this gift will then use these details to follow the simple steps and redeem their gift.

Q) If they like the gift, how do they keep using it after the time is up?
A) To become a fully paying member of Herald Sun once their gift has run out, they simply have to visit heraldsun.com.au/subscribe and follow the instructions.

Q) Can I buy more than one gift?
A) Yes. You can buy as many gifts as you like.

Q) I’d like it to be a surprise and gifted at a later date. Can I buy it now and still do this?
A) Yes but keep in mind that the recipient of this gift must activate their subscription within 6 months of the purchase date.

Q) What’s included in a gift subscription?
A) The recipient first needs to sign up as a Member of The Herald Sun. They will then receive unrestricted access to the paper they love on their desktop, tablet and smartphone as well as our new tablet apps (iPad and Android) at no extra cost, a complimentary subscription to foxsports.com.au, and access to our +Rewards each month. If you bundle gift subscription they will also receive a 7 day or weekend only paper delivery (depending on what is bought and provided their home delivery address is where home delivery normally exists and where no additional freight is charged).

Q) What’s the difference between the price points? (I.e. beyond the length of time)
A) The only difference between the three package options is the length of time of this subscription. All the product benefits remain the same.

Q) Can I give a different subscription offer as a gift? (e.g. 50% off, weekend home delivery, etc)
A) No. This offer is not in conjunction with any other offer.

Q) Can I use the gift subscription for myself?
A) Yes

Q) Can the recipient activate the subscription whenever they want? (e.g. Can they activate it in a year’s time, or is there a time limit?)
A) The recipient of this gift must activate their subscription within 6 months of the purchase date.

Q) I want to give the gift to a whole family – can a household share a login?
A) Yes. The recipient must ensure that their username and password remain secure and are only shared with the residents of their household i.e. family and friends that live at the same residential address. However their subscription cannot be used with more than seven devices concurrently.

Q) How can I edit the PDF gift card attached to the confirmation email? 
A) You will need to ensure you at least have Adobe Acrobat 5.x (PDF 1.4). If you do have this software version, you can select ‘Sign’ and select ‘Add Text’ which allows you to add text anywhere on the PDF. Alternatively, you can print out the gift card attached to your confirmation email and write on it.

Q) How is the gift subscription delivered?
A) The purchaser of the gift will receive an e-mail upon successful payment of the gift. In this e-mail will be a web address and a unique redemption code. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to get these details to the person receiving the gift.

Q) Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone overseas?
A) Yes, however some of our content may not be viewable or accessible from outside of Australia.

Q) Can the recipient access +Rewards and other benefits with a gift subscription?
A) Yes. During the recipient’s Membership to The Herald Sun they will have full access to all of the benefits a digital subscription to The Herald Sun has to offer.

Q) How are gift subscriptions billed?
A) Gift subscriptions are billed as a one-off, up front payment. There are no ongoing charges from us associated with this gift.

Q) Can the subscription be transferred to someone else?
A) Essentially the gift can only be redeemed once. There is no need to confirm the recipient at time of purchase. Once a subscription is redeemed, it cannot be transferred to another person.

Q) What if the person I am giving this gift to is already a Herald Sun subscriber?
A) In this instance, the recipient would have access to two separate subscriptions. The recipient can choose to transfer the gift subscription prior to activating the gift subscription or can have have one subscription continue when the first one expires.

Q) Am I entitled to a refund if they don’t like my gift?
A) If the gift subscription has not yet been redeemed it can be transferred to another person. If the subscription has been redeemed or activated, unfortunately the gift subscription is non-refundable in these circumstances.

Recipient FAQs

Q) What will happen when my gift runs out?
A) Once your digital subscription to The Herald Sun has come to the end of its specified time limit, you will no longer be a subscriber. If you wish to continue to be a Member, simply visit the heraldsun.com.au/subscribe and follow the simple steps to be a Member once again.

Q) What’s included in a gift subscription?
A) As a Member of The Herald Sun you will receive unrestricted access to the paper you love on your desktop, tablet and smartphone. Our new tablet apps (iPad and Android) at no extra cost, a complimentary subscription to foxsports.com.au, and access to our +Rewards each month.

Q) What happens if I lose the voucher code?
A) It depends on who loses the code. If you lose the code then you will need to contact the purchaser to resend you the code. If the purchaser loses the code then they will need to call 1300 69 63 97 and we will be able to provide this once again.

Q) What if I’m out of the home delivery area? 
A) We will contact the purchaser to make other arrangements and notify you, the recipient.

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