Important Information: Apple's iOS9 Upgrade

Apple have released their new iPad and iPhone operating system, iOS9.
If you choose to upgrade your device to iOS9, you will notice some small changes when accessing The Herald Sun app. These include:

  1. Newsstand, where you currently access The Herald Sun app, will be a folder.
  2. Your iPad app will appear as an icon, as shown below.
  3. You will have the option of moving The Herald Sun app icon out of the Newsstand folder by clicking on it and dragging it onto your home screen. This will make it quicker and easier for you to launch your app each day.

You may continue to enjoy all the features of The Herald Sun Tablet and Mobile Editions, including access to everything you love about the paper, plus interactive puzzles, photo galleries, full screen videos and the latest news.

What am I eligible for?

  • If you're a Print-Only Subscriber check out the second tab above, titled "Home Delivery Features", to find out what your subscription includes.
  • If you're not paying for your own digital or bundle subscription, meaning you are a Subscriber in any of the following categories, you are not a Member: home delivery - Subscriber, Subscribers to PerthNow, SuperCoach or, iTunes or Google Play Newsstand Subscribers, or those who have subscribed via a Teacher or University Student discount subscription offer. You can upgrade to become a Member at any time by calling 1300 MY NEWS (1300 69 63 97).
  • If you're a Member, which means you're paying for a digital or digital-with-home-delivery bundled Subscriber to any of The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail or The Advertiser, then all of the info on this page is useful for you. As Herald Sun+ Member you have access to so much more and this is the best place to find what you need to know to make the most of your membership. So feel free to pop back whenever you like.

What's included with Herald Sun+?

Your Herald Sun+ membership puts you at the centre of our news and entertainment network. And it's a pretty exciting place to be. With instant access to thousands of articles and hours of streaming content, you get more of what you love.

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Keep on the ball with all the sport
Herald Sun+ puts you right in the middle of the sports action, with the best team of sports journalists and commentators in the game, live-streaming FOX SPORTS News, live score centre and match stats in real time.

Stay on trend with the latest in lifestyle
With Herald Sun+, you can browse the latest in food, fashion, beauty and travel with Australia's leading lifestyle brands at your fingertips.

Get the best of local
News stories happen around the world and around the corner.
With Herald Sun+ it's all right there for you. There's local news and weather. Plus, you can discover the best of Melbourne and VIC with our top 10 lists.

Get in the know before getting out of bed.
We're always trying to make your experience of Herald Sun+ as rewarding as possible. We'll even send you daily newsletters every morning to keep you up to date with the most important news from VIC, national and world news, sport and entertainment plus a whole lot more. Of course, if you don't want to get it, you can opt out at anytime.

Plus, introducing +Rewards.
+Rewards are our special offers available only to Members:

  • Complimentary Extras - Special freebies for Herald Sun+ Members.
  • Exclusive Deals - Amazing discounts and deals that are only available to Members.
  • Unbeatable Experiences - Add some excitement with offers on ‘must-see and do' experiences.

New offers are sent regularly by email. All you have to do to take advantage of them is click the link that takes you to the +Rewards page.

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Access across all your devices

You can login on your mobile, tablet, computer - up to seven devices at the same time - so you can enjoy Herald Sun anywhere, anytime. There's also a nifty bookmark feature, which means you can start reading a story on your laptop at home, then pick up exactly where you left off on your mobile, on your morning commute.

Switch onto a new dimension of news and entertainment online, with access to thousands of articles and hours of streaming content each week.

Keep on top of things on the go with up-to-date news, galleries and videos optimised for your mobile, to help you quickly find what matters most to you.

Keep in touch anytime, anywhere, with Herald Sun+ on your tablet. Plus, with great apps included, you're never more than a tap or a swipe away from everything that you love from Herald Sun.

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Access to Herald Sun+ app

While you enjoy unlimited online articles, your subscription also includes access to our apps which allow you to experience the best of the Herald Sun.

Features include:

  • The best content from the day, editorially curated specially for your iPad
  • The latest news, in-depth features and analysis of what matters to you
  • Access to the best content from our lift-outs such as Escape, taste, and body+soul
  • A world of news, sport and entertainment brought to life with razor-sharp galleries and videos

For instructions on how to set up the iPad app go to Set up your devices

Subscriber-only features

Digital Print Edition
If you like the way the paper looks in all its printed glory, the Digital Print Edition is the perfect online version for you. You can flick the pages of an exact replica of the paper on your computer, tablet or mobile. With optimised browsing, resizing and archives, you'll love this Member-only feature.

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Fox Sports
Herald Sun+ teams up the expertise of Herald Sun with the power of FOX SPORTS, to take you straight to sporting heaven. Live streaming FOX SPORTS News 24/7 plus match highlights mean you're connected to your game like never before.


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