Supplied Editorial Porucha Phillips toddlers chained in Texas

Toddlers ‘chained up in yard’

A PREGNANT mum has been charged after police found two injured toddlers chained up in her yard. WARNING: Distressing.

Your next colleague may be a robot

ROBOTS are threatening to take over your job and if your perform simple tasks “you are screwed,” according to one of Australia’s top tech entrepreneurs.

Chautauqua to skip Royal Ascot

HAWKES Racing has abandoned plans to take Chautauqua to England next month to race at Royal Ascot.

Police label Claremont reports ‘inaccurate’

POLICE have rejected reports they did not check registration plates captured on camera the night Claremont serial killer victim Ciara Glennon vanished in 1997.

Outback police rescue puppies and joeys

LAVERTON police station is beginning to resemble an animal nursery after officers rescued five puppies and two young kangaroos in less than 24 hours.

‘No scientific basis for the stuff they do’

ONE of our top doctors has launched an attack on the chiropractic industry, after video of a baby having its back cracked emerged.