My Kitchen Rules contestant Court Hall-Eastey hits back at rival Josh Meeuwissen in bitter food fight

March 8, 2017 11:04am

My Kitchen Rules — Josh and Court share harsh words00:09:14

My Kitchen Rules — Josh and Court share harsh words

COURT Hall-Eastey has launched a scathing attack on rival contestant Josh Meeuwissen in the wake of their verbal stoush on last night’sMy Kitchen Rules.

Meanwhile, Josh and wife Amy are shunning interview requests from Channel 7 to tell their side of the story.

In last night’s episode of the My Kitchen Rules, Josh, nicknamed “the seafood king”, let loose on Court and husband Duncan.

Josh, with wife Amy, lets rip at Court and Duncan. Picture: Channel 7.

“I think you guys will be going home today, and I hope you do,” Josh said in front of judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel and the other contestants.

“Some people don’t get along with me. Court’s one of them. I wouldn’t get along with her outside (the show).

“I can’t wait for them to go. You can’t wait to get back to your job. You shouldn’t even be here.”

Court and Duncan react to Josh’s smackdown. Picture: Channel 7.

The pair has history, often clashing during the Round 2 instant restaurants. Duncan has publicly called Josh “an a–hole.”

“Josh’s comments came out of the blue,” Court said.

“He can’t cook. The funny thing is that he’s got so much bravado but it is all talk.

“That guy can serve crap on a plate and still think he’s the king. It wasn’t funny, it was just mind-blowing, really, where the confidence came from.

“He has unshakable confidence but you’re not sure where the basis of that comes from.”

Josh and Amy plate up at their Longshore Drift instant restaurant. Picture: Channel 7.

Josh and wife Amy scored a lowly 43 out of 110 for their Longshore Drift instant restaurant including a dismal 1 out of 10 from Evans for their fish and chips main.

“We found the way that Josh treated his wife and the way he treated other contestants in general really confronting,” Court said.

“He even told us that our hyphenated surname was offensive.

“I have a social justice streak in me and while some people sat by, I couldn’t, and I called him out on his sh– quite a lot.

“The way he speaks to his wife or over her or put her down — I’d always go “excuse me Josh, I think your wife is speaking”. That didn’t go down very well with him.

“Josh is an aggressive type who doesn’t like to be called out (for his behaviour).

“I’m not the sort of person that has a lot of fights in my life so it (feud with Josh) is surprising.”